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According to the statistics from Running USA, the number of runners has been growing, also there is a sharp increase in people willing to run road races. And that’s due to a number of reasons why this became so popular as a workout.

Running to Lose Weight

Running is extremely good for you. It progresses your heart rate, it burns calories, and strengthen a number of key muscle groups in your legs, core, and hips. Moreover, running will maximize your calorie burn. Jogging at a comfortable rate will help you in burning about 316 calories in 30 minutes. People who run tend to live healthier. Another reason running makes sense is that you can do it anywhere at any time. You can run in the sunshine or in the dark. You can run on a treadmill if you hate the heat or the rain. You can even run when you are on vacation.

Running can also make you meet new people while you are out running through the park or the gym. If you prefer running alone that’s cool too. Or, you can bring your dog to join you.

Mental health Treatment

There are mental benefits to running as well. A lot of people run in order to release stress and clear their minds. While running your mind release endorphins which improves your mood and gives you a healthier, happier outlook on life. Studies have shown that running helps your memory and protect you against Alzheimer’s. It also increases your chances of avoiding dementia.

Self Esteem & Running

Your self-esteem dramatically increases when you start running. Even if you only manage to get through a mile a day, accomplishing that run gives you a lot of motivation to meet other goals in your life. Furthermore, your energy levels will increase as well, helping to beat back that mid-afternoon slowdown that can strike while you are at work or studying.

Bones Health & Running

Running will benefit your body’s bones. It’s a high impact form of exercise, meaning it will build the muscles you need to help you keep your bones stronger as you age. Running will also help you sleep better. Falling into bed tired and ready to shut down is a lot easier to do when you’ve spent a few hours picking up the pace and running.

To Wrap Up

There many good reasons to run. Whether you want to get healthier physically, mentally, or lose some weight, running is a good way to achieve those goals. You will see yourself looking and feeling healthier and before too long, you will be caught on this training and recreational pastime.

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