7 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Belly Fat

Obesity In America

Obesity is so much of a problem in America that around 70% of the country officials who were asked, ranked it as one of the biggest problems in the area that they reside in. In fact, it is not only affecting adults, but there are also a large number of children of different ages who are also affected.

Studies showed that one in three adults, and one in six children between the ages of 2 and 19 years old, are obese.

If this trend continues, the youth of today might be the first generation that starts to live shorter lives and an unhealthy lifestyle in general.

When people are exposed to these sorts of weight problems, they automatically become exposed to a much higher threat like type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, heart disease, and dementia. Obesity in children it is more likely that they will carry this condition over into their adult lives.

What is more concerning than these figures, is the growing number of individuals with extreme obesity, and this is higher in women than it is in men. The percentage of women who are extremely obese is around 10% while men are over 5% by a little.

Belly Fat Loss Exercises & Why You Struggle

When trying to lose weight the first thing that comes in mind is doing plenty of exercises. And you gotta put even more work if you have an extra pounds around your waistline.

Well, it has come to light that this method might be all wrong and that you could actually be damaging your body. This means there is a correct way to go about losing weight. And without knowing, it may make weight loss more difficult.

Here are common reasons why you might not be losing as you expected:

Unhealthy Foods

The wrong foods can be a direct cause that holds you from losing weight. Fried chicken, cakes, sugary biscuits, and energy drinks are some of the wrong food you might be eating. We all know eating junk food is bad, and there many foods that we consider good. But they are, in fact, making weight loss a bit harder.

A healthy diet takes about 80% of the weight loss process rather than exercise. Moreover, any foods that are starchy should be cut off, and the number of protein in your meals should be increased.

Sleep and Weight Loss

Being heavy may affect your sleep routine for the worse. But as you lose weight your sleep will improve by volumes and also boosting your energy levels, and your self-esteem.

The importance of getting enough sleep comes into play in regard to increased cortisol levels. If you don’t get enough sleep then these levels can dramatically rise. Americans are reporting less sleep on a regular basis, and this gives more insight into why weight problems are so widespread.

Not enough can also affect hunger levels which relate to two hormones (Leptin and Ghrelin). Basically, leptin tells the when it is full, and ghrelin sends out signals for hunger. Now, a lack of sleep can increase the amount of hunger hormone (ghrelin) and a reduction in the number of leptin levels in the blood.

Eating Too Much

If you are struggling to lose belly fat and you have reduced your intake, you might still be overeating without realizing it. Everyone’s bodies and lifestyles are different, thus, you might need to reduce more calories to help shift those last few pounds.

Now, this does not mean you have to starve, choosing the right healthy foods will make fuller for longer.

Cardio Exercises

Exercise makes up 20% of the weight loss program, it does boost your metabolism and prevent you from illnesses and diseases.

Cardio has been seen for a long time as the best way to lose weight, yet too much can lead to various problems. If you eat healthily and are doing too many cardio-types exercises, your body can be eating away at lean muscles instead of fat around your waste.

Furthermore, too much cardio will leave you more tempted to snack or overeat. Also putting your heart under too much pressure with too much exercise, which will increase stress and negate your health. Many studies showed that doing too much cardio is not good, balance is always the right way to success.

Carbohydrates Function

One of the best foods to reduce its carbohydrates when looking to lose weight. However, for workout days it is better to increase your carb intake because lowering carb intake will raise cortisol levels in the body.

Lifting Weights For Weight Loss

To make sure your body does not fall into this endurance-focused mode and tries to save itself some energy. You should switch from cardio to lifting a few weights. This will build and help to maintain your lean muscle mass which is extremely important for burning calories.

The more muscle tone you have around the body, the more fat you can burn.

Exercise Stress

Stress forces the body into a self-preservation mode and pushes fast into the abdominal area. Now, exercise is a stressor on the body and the body is unable to tell the difference between stress from exercises and stress from life.

When you eat healthily and have a balanced non-stressful exercise program, your body will not try to produce these high amounts of cortisol for extended periods of time.

Excessive exercise on a daily basis can hold you in reducing those pounds around the belly, and we know why they are so stubborn to move on.

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