Clean Eating Diet 101: How To Eat Clean


A clean eating diet is to include fresh food and all other food groups into your diet. When doing your food shop you should consider buying products that have gone through minimal processing and contain no to little additives that preferably organic or locally grown.

You also need to try as much as possible cooking at home with fresh ingredients, or if you go to work try and make yourself a packed lunch the night before. Products that are ready to eat are extremely bad for your health because they contain a lot of preservatives to sustain and other additives like GMO (genetically modified organisms) which studies have proved that it is so bad for your general health.

This artificial form of ‘natural’ food will give you no benefits, as the nutrients won’t be absorbed by the body. They also can put you in serious health problems, For example, they cause gluten disorders which a lot of people have an intolerance to nowadays. Therefore, the best food items you can pick are organic.

When you hear the word diet and losing weight you automatically think of eating a salad every couple of hours or water-based detoxifier. Well, that is the worst thing you can do because it is not healthy at all. Eating fresh and losing weight can go side by side when you make the right choices, which will keep you nourished but not stuffed with the wrong food. Also, losing weight does not consist of only eating the right food, but also exercising, ake a 20-30min run every day or do cardio, lunges, push-ups, and jumping jack.

How To eat Healthy

Firstly, before jumping into this section, it is important to understand that for this diet to do its magic you must be fully committed to this diet.

Eating the right amount of food will leave you feeling full, your health will reflect in your energy levels by it being increased, your blood cells will renew itself with healthy nutrients instead of toxins infusing into the blood, and your skin will start to glow.

Summary, Do yourself and supress your wants and give into your needs, you will be benefiting your self and your future self will thank you. When it comes to a clean eating, quality alawys trumps quantity.

1- Do Not Snack After Dinner

Grabbing a piece of fruit is a smart, simple, and healthy way if you get hungry. Drinking a homemade juice instead of soda, baking homemade carrot strips, vegetables, pumpkin or squash instead of eating packaged crisps that are full in saturated fat, are a great low-fat choice.

When eating out, you should order a side of salad instead of fries that will suppress the need to snack as it does not fluctuate blood cholesterol levels making your body crave more.

2- Balanced Diet

Most of the time when you get sick it isn’t due to the environment you are exposed to but your current diet. Because many fresh foods have bacteria-fighting abilities in them, For example, eating fruits like oranges, kiwi, limes, and lemons give acidity to your stomach which aid in the digestion process, and also to your liver and bladder which helps fight ulcers and infections if and when they occur.

protein importance

Protein is an extremely important part of your diet to build and maintain muscle and body weight. Thus, instead of consuming obvious proteins found in red meats, steaks…etc. You should replace it to a plant-based protein or environmentally friendly fish as this will have a positive impact on your general health.

Fish is a superhealthy food and known as brain food because of its omega 3 and 6 content. You must pick the right type of fish because most fish have a higher content of omega 6 and less of omega 3. Sardines and kipper fillets are a great example of omega 3 content.

Products label

Don’t be fooled by a product that states that it has all-natural ingredients because when you as a consumer read’s “natural” on a product label they automatically expect plant-based ingredients only, but in reality, the food could be grown with pesticides as it is cheaper than natural fertilizer.

Labeling regulations are less strict on the word “natural” because there is no more meaning to natural.

3- Avoid Sugary Foods and Highly Processed foods

Pre-packaged foods like ready meals, that all you need to do is throw them in the microwave, is the worst type of processed food there is because they add too many chemicals that are actually toxins to your body in order to make look good and more appealing and to keep its flavor and durability while in the store.

Unhealthy food also plays a role in your metabolism to get rid of excess in the body from the food that it doesn’t need by storing it as fat. Thus, consuming too many processed foods your metabolism will start to deteriorate as it cannot keep up with the pressure. As your metabolism fails so will the balance in body levels, the metabolism tries to sustain.

To Wrap up

Clean eating has so many benefits for your health. It is easy to include each food group into your current diet. Even better, replace it, which will provide your body with the nutrients it needs. Furthermore, the healthier you eat the more it has an impact on your overall well-being.

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