Overview You don’t have to spend hours and hours of exhausting cardio to lose weight, that you shouldn’t eat at night if you didn’t want to get fat, that your genetics aren’t good enough, and many other mistakes that wereContinue Reading
Overview Is Fasting Good For You? Experts say it is good for your general health and helps you feel better physically and mentally. Others say it is not healthy for your body at all. Fasting has gained popularity in recentContinue Reading
Overview Sometimes more than half of what you read in magazines or see on television is not scientifically correct. This because everything on TV and in magazines is marketed with you in mind. Meaning, marketers are aware that you areContinue Reading
Obesity In America Obesity is so much of a problem in America that around 70% of the country officials who were asked, ranked it as one of the biggest problems in the area that they reside in. In fact, itContinue Reading
Meal Planning How-To When you decide to start eating healthy, meal planning is one of the simplest things yet effective to set yourself up for success, The beauty of it is there are no rules and you can’t mess itContinue Reading
Before getting into your weekly running program plan, you should learn about proper running form. Proper Running form Head: Chin up, eyes on the horizon. Not looking at the sky, not looking at the ground, which can restrict your breathing.Continue Reading
Keto Diet Explained Sticking to a true and strict ketogenic diet requires dedication and willingness. Keto diet is rapidly becoming a trend nowadays in search of a quick weight loss. People promoting this diet explained that it’s the body’s ownContinue Reading
Weight Loss From Apple Cider Vinegar Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay Apple cider vinegar has a lot to offer when it comes to weight loss. For example, It can help in breaking down complex carbs and fats, preventing overeating, andContinue Reading
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